Can’t Hold Me Down


Can’t Hold Me Down:

Happiness fits me like a lover,
Holding me better than you ever could.
Here’s the way I see it,
A metaphor, you could say,
I am a balloon,
My future,
The sky,
And you are the only thing
Holding me down.
I don’t think of you and weep,
Since you’ve gone
I’ve grown older and stronger,
Free to be myself,
In a cage no longer.
The world is such a beautiful place,
I’ve just begun to take a taste.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Hold Me Down

  1. I liked the image of the balloon free to explore the sky. I would have liked more visual imagery! I found the image of happiness “holding” and “fitting” like a lover almost like holding the balloon back rather than setting it free — just from the associations I have with the word “hold”.
    What is the freedom like? What does it feel like to explore? I’m looking forward to reading more of your poems!


    • Thank you for the comment, I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. That’s really interesting and something I hadn’t thought of. When I had written this poem I was thinking of dresses/clothes fitting snuggly like a second skin and making a person feel sexy, or the arms of a lover “holding” a person, but hadn’t connected it to holding down a balloon. Thanks for that!


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