Cold Sleepless Nights

Why do I wait so long for things to get right?

Our backs to each other,
Those cold, sleepless nights.
I guard my heart so closely it’s a miracle you got in,
To take my head and heart on an emotional spin.
You were there when I needed you,
You helped me grow,
Then morphed into someone I hardly know
What flipped the switch to push me away?
As your passion grew colder with each passing day
Magnets once strong then pushed apart
You’ve left me with longing,
Confusion in my heart.
It’s funny,
With you a future could have been spun,
You’ve proved to me there couldn’t be one.
Limping, then walking,
Then learning to run,
Some say,
My life has just begun.

3 thoughts on “Cold Sleepless Nights

  1. Again I love it! I think the end is brilliant, just those two last lines (Some Say, My life has just begun.) Brilliant! In just some words you say so much. Well done!


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