Intro/My First Post

View from my window as I write this.

View from my window as I write this.

Hello there! Welcome to my blog.

A bit more about myself.

 A message from the sleep deprived.

 Writing from the comfort of my bed on this snow day. I have a cold and am exhausted, so not much is making sense right now. Life of a college student.. I’ve always wanted to blog my poetry and other art, but hadn’t gotten the courage to until recently.

 Most of the poems I write are about romance, or break-ups. I get a lot of my inspiration from either being in love or heartbroken. Currently I’m still getting over a break-up, and miss the person.

 As people know, it never takes the same amount of time to get over someone. Sometimes people are up and running as soon as the relationship is over. Other times.. It can take months, or even years. I’ve been in both situations, and readers can probably tell which one I’m in now.

I’ve been writing since I was in 6th grade (about ten years now) so I’ve got plenty to choose from. I’m also currently in a poetry class, and the teacher is both challenging and intimidating. Plus, she doesn’t let us rhyme. Which is kind of scary and why it’s challenging since most of my poems rhyme. I can’t help it, it pops into my head that way. But I’m working on it.. I’ve taken a few poetry classes before, and all of them have been structured differently. There’s always more to learn.

Anyway.. Welcome to my blog. Stay tuned, more posts coming soon.

-Hannah L Farmery


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