Ode to Ex Lover/ Missing You


Ode to Ex Lover/ Missing You:

You had my heart.
A tenderness in your face, your hands, your voice.
Your name.
You were my mate.
You taught me that such love existed,
Not just in the movies.

through gentle caresses and blue heated gazes
you taught me the difference between having sex
and making love,
with candles, Christmas lights, and Norah Jones.

I miss rubbing my face in your chest hair,
your strong leg muscles.
that look you’d give me that made my heart beat faster.
your face flushed pink and your ears ringing

You were the one I wanted and always needed. I miss the feeling of your arms around me, making me feel small, safe in our own little world.

Looking back,
I could have seen us together,
Perfect husband and wife with kids.
We could have redefined perfect to fit us.
We used to be the perfect combination of lovers and friends,
In perfect sync, knowing what to do next.

Then lovers stepped aside.
I do not know what made you push me away.
Why you were colder with each passing day.
Until I couldn’t breathe and wanted to cry at night.
Showing me only the end in sight.

Still, I pass by your store when I can’t resist,
And it takes effort not to acknowledge the heartache,
That it’s you I miss.


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