In the sun. Writing 101 day 2


The A frame

If I could be anywhere else it would be in the sun with water nearby. During winter break my family and I went to Florida and stayed in a big pink house with a pool. The house was so big our voices echoed and there were an unnecessary amount of light switches. We all had our own rooms with hotel keys and our own bathrooms: it was a lot of space for the three of us.

I spent days stretched out in a pool chair soaking in the sun, until I’d get hot and take a swim. At night my mom and I would walk a small stretch of restaurants deciding where we wanted to eat based on the menu and live music playing. We would eat delicious food, drink lots of fruity drinks, and dance for hours. I was supposed to be writing an essay that I needed an extension on while we were there, but while lying next to a pool and spending nights drinking it was the last thing I wanted to do over break.

While at that house I realized the affect Vitamin D has on me. I felt happier, sexier, and much more comfortable in long flowing skirts and cute little tops. I imagined picking up my life and moving somewhere where I could be in summer clothes all year long and never have to wear a winter coat again.

It’s that time of year where my family and I would pack into the car then take a ferry to the beach. Growing up we would always rent a little house in Fire Island, where we would spend the days swimming in the waves, tanning, and nights eating healthy, fresh food. We stayed in a tiny A frame house most of my life, with long slanted beams and tilted ceilings. Once climbing the rickety spiral staircase to the “kid’s bedrooms” there were places where there was a danger of turning over and hitting your head on the beams of the house. I love the feeling of laying in bed at night, my body rocking with the waves, listening to crickets and the ocean.

Another place I really love is being upstate NY at my dad’s house. He has a little house on a hill surrounded by trees and flowers, with a big pond. I love walking barefoot roaming the hill and being in the sun. There I stretch out in the grass on a towel, and swim in the pond when it’s warm enough. My favorite thing is to float and look at the sky. I can also kayak or catch frogs when I’m there. At night we grill vegetables and listen to the crickets and the frogs.

I am a happier person when the sun is hot, the clothes are loose, and more skin is exposed. I experience a noticable difference when it gets warm enough to wear summer dresses, and I can swim. I also really love to garden, which I am going to be spending a lot of time doing this summer. I will be a part of a small group turning back yards with weeds and dried out soil into beautiful gardens. Growing up I found out how soothing having my hands in the dirt is. Endorphins get going and I feel more relaxed when I can plant and be in the sun.

Today’s assignment-If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?


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