Intriguing people. Writing 101, day 6

I’ve met a lot of intriguing people at my art school this past year. Including a few girls that I had a crush on. I liked to watch them from a distance because I didn’t know what to say, and was afraid that I would say something silly. Or startle them. I don’t think I’m scary, but I didn’t want to scare off two women that I admired. One of these girls was in my ceramics class and reminded me of a little deer. Which is funny since I usually think of myself that way, but felt scarier than her. Like a wild cat with a doe, or  small child. This girl had brown hair with blue tips -she might have originally had it all dyed- and blue eyes. Or at least I think she did. When I saw her crouched over her art I didn’t want to break her concentration. I’d gently ask her what she was working on and try to talk to her but mostly I’d leave her alone.

I don’t know much about her, except that she was extremely talented. And cute. For our first ceramics assignment we had to go to a museum then make a replica of something we had seen. We then had to do that replica again with a twist. I remember she made a vase standing on a bunch of feet. But actually. She made lots of bare feet poking out from under the ledge of the vase, and one with a sock. It was so quirky it stuck in my mind. One day I saw her at a party. She was with a friend, and they mostly giggled to themselves. But I watched her in the room. That night I was surprised to see her because she had shaved the bottom of her hair under her ponytail and was dressed in black. She looked different from the times that I had seen her before. More dangerous and a different kind of attractive.

For our final project she made miniature bathtubs out of ceramics, metal and fabric. She even hand sewed little curtains. It was so endearing, I’m a sucker for tiny things. I remember our eyes meeting throughout the crit.

Another girl that I liked was in my wood carving class. She seemed so down to earth and spiritual, and I was fascinated by her. She would come in with her eyebrows colored teal -or pink-, and had brown hair fading from purple with the side shaved. One of my favorite looks that I’ve rocked before -the hair, not the eyebrows-. For her final project she made a tool kit for a mortar and pestle and a bunch of glass vials. She had given us fliers advertising her henna, and I remember her hands decorated with earthy colored patterns.

I’ve seen her in the halls since that class has ended. She seemed like a cool person and someone I would love to hang out with. I was surprised how cheerful she was when we’d greet each other, while I had spent most of the semester not wanting to intimidate her. Or be intimidated in turn.

Being in art school I see tons of fascinating people and projects, but these two girls have stayed on my mind. They were the first people I was interested in since my break up with an ex, and I was afraid to approach them. I was in such a weird place that I was worried I might scare them, but I still think about them months later. They were both attractive, sweet, caring, and kind. I was fascinated and wanted to get to know them. Instead, I watched from a distance and was at awe by their creativity.

Today’s assignment– Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?


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