Quiet observation, Writing 101 Day 8

Iron pressed against back, thighs and rear-end
Foot losing feeling
Grounded by concrete
Other bounces to a beat

Flies buzz
Ants march
Leaves and my hair sway in the breeze
Skin, and clothes warm in the sun

Sun going down
Pale, white-gray sky
Laughter, cheers
Raised voices
Snippets of conversation
Streets bustle with people
Iron fence separates
Me from them
Exchanged glances as they pass by

Greenery surrounds me
At my feet, back, and overhead
A splash of hot and pale pink
Interrupt the otherwise monochrome pots

Birds chirp
Busses rumble
Keys jingle
Horns honk
Lights flash
Music intermingles
An ever-changing soundtrack
Of the city.

Today’s assignment-Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write the post without adverbs.


2 thoughts on “Quiet observation, Writing 101 Day 8

  1. I haven’t passed by for a while and I see you are still keeping up the good work! It makes me think I should try writing poetry! Never felt to comfortable doing so though…! πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks for checking in! I’m happy to see you are too! You should try it some time. I write poetry as a short form for other writing. You can get the same message out there in less words πŸ˜‰


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