Comfort food. Writing 101, Day 10

The smell of garlic cooking reminds me of home. As soon as it’s sizzling it makes my stomach rumble. Something about the aroma is comforting, like warm houses and clean laundry. A go-to comfort food of mine that I learned from my mom is pasta with tomatoes and garlic. With the garlic lightly toasted and tomatoes cooked until they’re soft and have liquid.

I was so miserable at my old college that I had trouble eating. When I was motivated I would fill my arms with bags of groceries and bring them back to my mini fridge. Each floor of the dorms had a lounge and kitchen, and I liked to cook instead of having cafeteria food when I could. One night I was cooking garlic and a group of people walked downstairs and into the lounge. The smell while being far from home brought comfort to the room.

Another dish that my mom and I like is pasta with garlic, olives and broccoli. She would cook this as a first meal home or last meal before I went back to school. I remember nights that I’d stay out late coming home to a note from my mom and pasta to be heated up. I’d fill a green bowl and curl up in a big chair with it.

Cooking is really soothing. I love the process of taking separate parts and making a meal. It wasn’t until I went away from home that I discovered how often I repeat childhood comfort foods.

Today’s assignment– Today, be inspired by a favorite childhood meal.


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