Crushes and role models. Writing 101, Day 15

Tegan and Sara. I don't own this image

Tegan and Sara. I don’t own this image

The events that come to mind for me are all music and concert related. I’m seeing Tegan and Sara this week and would be upset if it got canceled. Heartbroken if they stopped going on tours. When I first got into them I loved them because they’re gorgeous twin sisters who are lesbians. The perfect poster people for the queer community. More than that, I identify with their music and find them fascinating. I can relate to almost all of their songs and feel an ache when they sing about heartache. Pretty sure I can find a song to connect to most moments in past relationships.

“In my teen years I dated boys but I didn’t hate it. I wasn’t like, “Oh, gross.” And then I kissed a girl and was like, “One’s not right and one is definitely awesome.'” Tegan, in an interview for Dallas Voice.

My mom met them at the Pride Parade NYC the one year I didn’t go. I remember having a gut feeling that I was missing out then she sent me a picture with Sara and I could not believe it.. I saw them at Boston Calling about a month ago. Sara checked in with Tegan during their set to see how she was doing. She said how it’s weird for them the play in the day, since it’s something they usually do at night. Like when people do other things meant to happen at night.. At that point Tegan pointed out there were kids there. They’re absolutely adorable and I found it touching that they were checking on each other.

I find how they work to be really interesting. One of them will write a song and be the main vocals for that, and it switches off depending who wrote the song. I had an ex who used to quiz me on who was singing. Recently they came out with an album called Heartthrob where they changed the sound if their lyrics. What made an impression on me was how the lyrics dug into my heart even more than their other albums. About being brave and a hero, along with lyrics “I was a fool for you” and “how come you don’t want me now.” I feel a similar pain to theirs, and listened to that album on repeat because it was what I was feeling getting over a relationship.

At their concert me and a few people wove through the crowd until we were at what felt like the middle. All of us were singing and dancing, the sun was shining, and it was beautiful. Along with Tegan and Sara at Boston Calling I saw Jack Johnson perform. I’ve absolutely loved him since I was in middle school. His cds have been on many road trips with my mom and I. In the song “do you remember” he says “over ten years have gone by and you’re still mine”. When he performed he changed it to over twenty years, and talked about his family which brought tears to my eyes. It was so sweet hearing that those love songs he wrote are about the person he is still with.

It would crush people if Boston Calling or a Tegan and Sara concert were canceled. There are so many role models and singers that people have grown up listening to and traveled all over the world to see.

And now I’m all caught up. Just in time for the last week.
Today’s assignment– You’re told that an event that’s dear to your heart — an annual fair, festival, or conference — will be cancelled forever (or taken over by an evil organization). Write about it.


2 thoughts on “Crushes and role models. Writing 101, Day 15

  1. Hey there! I love what you wrote about Tegan & Sara. I’m doing a featured piece on them for a major music network and would love to hear more about your story and your connection to their music. DM me on twitter if you’d like to contribute to the piece 🙂


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