Reminiscing on love. Writing 101, Day 13

When I was packing my apartment I found a little wire person with a love note from an ex. It mentioned having a great power out, and our names on it. I had long forgotten that he had made it for me, or where I had out it. We didn’t exchange a lot of stuff, though it was one of the longest relationships I’ve had. This metal person and note took me back to a time where we were at his mom’s house when there was a power out. We were all watching tv, listening to the wind blow when the screen suddenly turned off. During the power out we had gotten junk food at a gas station and laid by the fire reading. We spent about a week win the power out and I remember emailing teachers that I was stuck and couldn’t make it to school because it was dangerous.

Of course I had just gotten a tattoo before the power went out. I remember washing it with water from a bucket and a flashlight. Hoping that my tat wouldn’t get infected. Luckily it’s healed and looks great.

Being from the city I don’t get a lot of power outs. I had a great time laying by a fire, reading and relaxing with people I love. Having each other as body heat. Finding this wire person with the note reminded me of time where my ex and I were happy. It took me back past our fights and bad times to moments we’d share with pure happiness and love for each other. Similar to finding this I have crystals from him that I keep displayed. It was really moving to find things from him and remember the sweet guy that I had loved so much my heart ached.

Today’s assignment-On day day 4, you wrote a post about losing something. Today, write about finding something.


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