Seen in the stars. Writing 101, Day 12

“I saw a documentary once where two deers locked antlers and died like that.”

There are a lot of Tauruses in my life. My brother and mom are, and whenever they argue I think of the two deers. Both headstrong bulls bent on getting their way. I’m a Pisces so I try and stay out of it, imagining antlers through a fish. I’m really interested in astrology and horoscopes. I find that they’re often right when describing a person. I once heard that people decide what sign they are going to be before they’re born and which ones they’re going to be surrounded by. We choose the kinds of people we keep in our lives.

I found a chart in Cosmo once with astrology matches, saying what signs a person should be paired with. I was amused to see that one of my exes and I were not on the list for best matches, while another one was. Which males me think: is it good to date someone similar to you, or to go with opposites attract? If they’re too similar will a person get bored, or will the relationship grow because of mutual understanding?

I have great relationships with like minded people who aren’t the same as me. Different signs, and experiences but some of my friends understand and relate to me so well that it’s occasionally surprising. I also have a new friend who is the same sign as me, which has never happened before. There are times where we talk and are so similar that I feel a kind of bond in our school of fish. Different ages and events but we get each other on a level that I haven’t felt with other signs.

I envy couples that can predict each other’s movements, and have a mutual understanding that people outside of the relationship can’t get. Communicating through a look, or gesture. Being together so long they know how the other is feeling. When I’m single I dislike the happy mushy couples and when I’m with someone I think how it’s our turn to be that.

Were all stubborn in our own ways. While I find astrology and horoscopes interesting and often true the thing that matters is of a person understands you and you love each other. To treat one another with kindness and respect.

Today’s assignment– Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.


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