Kind words and grattitude


Ever since the Writing 101 challenge I have grown to truly love the blogging community. Our community. When I started blogging before that I felt alone and unsure of how to get connected. The blogging challenges are a great way to get advice, and find a wide range of sweet, kind, caring, brilliant writers.

When I got nominated by Ronovan of Ronovan Writes, it felt out of the blue. We hadn’t had much contact before then, though I’ve been reading his posts closely. The night before I saw that he was liking my posts, and then a very sweet comment came that he had nominated me for an award. I didn’t know there was a Very Inspiring Blogger Award before I got this… I think it’s a great idea. To give a shout-out to people that inspire you, and for them to then nominate other people.. Like Pay It Forward.

Ronovan’s kind words:

On my blog:
Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.34.41 PM

and.. then I was nominated!

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.33.18 PM

I’m grateful to be given this from someone who I admire, and that I’ve been thinking the same thing about. Ronovan writes in a way that I cannot, while I feel like I occasionally lack the words or don’t say in the right way what I’m trying to. I admire how he delivers his content.

Yesterday, I was stumbling through my feed and saw that the lovely Roser had also nominated me! And, my post had gotten to her when she was having a bad day:

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.45.59 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.46.15 PM

Roser of Believe Love Share and I have been back and forth on each other’s posts since the 101 challenge. We seem to think in similar ways, and it’s nice to know I have people who think like me. I’m moved to have delivered good news to her when she was in need of cheering up, and love how she describes my writing. Also that I’ve inspired her to write poetry, something she felt she could not do in the past.

These are two bright people who I admire. I feel like I don’t have the touch that either of them have, while they feel similarly about me. I’m grateful for both of you. Thanks again, so much.



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