Something I’ve always wanted to do is pair my poetry with other art. Sculptures, paintings, collage.. When I was younger I got the idea to make a book of paintings and poetry. In the poetry class I’m taking this semester I finally had the opportunity to do so.

I wrote a poem about a spider that I made out of steel and rebar. The feet are blacksmithed to be pointy, and I welded all the parts together. This was a final project I did for a class, and the spider is five feet by three feet wide.

Burning bridges


Burning bridges:

Crossing bridges all ready burned,
The heart’s the thing that never learned,
When you think you’re through,
It asks for more,
Tossing you from heights that leave you sore.
The conflict between mind and heart,
Which got you in trouble from the start,
When you’re pushing away it’s telling you no,
It’s a directionless path, nowhere to go.

From the heart:

From the heart:

I do everything to keep you going
The least you could do is show some respect-

I don’t know how much more it will take
For you to realize I’m vulnerable
And need time to mend after every break

Don’t thrust me at every devilish grin,
Or pretty face
That comes your way.
If you lay me at their feet
I might be unable to get up again

Hold the cards close to your chest
And wait it out,
Until someone worthy comes along
Because you’re precious and rare
And shouldn’t go to just anyone
But someone who will give the same in return.

Untitled #1


Untitled #1

Leather jacket and wet sidewalks,
Leaves lay motionless on the pavement,
Trampled under my echoing boots,
Trying not to slip,
Off the edge of exhaustion,
Not knowing what lays ahead
On this dark, drizzling path,
Picturing the face so far away from mine.
I wish I knew what to tell you (or say to you?),
To speak the right words,
Like I once did (or used to?),
But words left unsaid
Float above our heads,
Like clouds of air
With every breath we exhale.

Ode to Ex Lover/ Missing You


Ode to Ex Lover/ Missing You:

You had my heart.
A tenderness in your face, your hands, your voice.
Your name.
You were my mate.
You taught me that such love existed,
Not just in the movies.

through gentle caresses and blue heated gazes
you taught me the difference between having sex
and making love,
with candles, Christmas lights, and Norah Jones.

I miss rubbing my face in your chest hair,
your strong leg muscles.
that look you’d give me that made my heart beat faster.
your face flushed pink and your ears ringing

You were the one I wanted and always needed. I miss the feeling of your arms around me, making me feel small, safe in our own little world.

Looking back,
I could have seen us together,
Perfect husband and wife with kids.
We could have redefined perfect to fit us.
We used to be the perfect combination of lovers and friends,
In perfect sync, knowing what to do next.

Then lovers stepped aside.
I do not know what made you push me away.
Why you were colder with each passing day.
Until I couldn’t breathe and wanted to cry at night.
Showing me only the end in sight.

Still, I pass by your store when I can’t resist,
And it takes effort not to acknowledge the heartache,
That it’s you I miss.

A sight I always want to see


A sight I always want to see:

I opened the door to find her laying there,
The sunlight streaming through the windows behind her,
At first I just stand there,
Wishing to capture this memory forever,
Slowly, I walk the steps towards her,
The girl that takes my breath away,
Her eyes are lit up,
As warm as her smile,
The sun plays with the pattern in her eyes,
Golden in the sunlight,
Who knows what will happen in a month,
Or even a year from now,
All I know is that the love that we feel is real,
For she is my other half.

The Light


The Light:

She is the light.
I told her she looked beautiful,
And she laughed with delight,
With every little laugh,
With every brightening smile,
I feel compelled to kiss her,
And be with her for a while,
I’m happy when I’m with her,
Through her I can feel,
Through her I know what’s real,
She lights up every corner,
In the labyrinth of my heart,
I knew I had to have her,
From the very start.

(Inspired by The Stranger by Albert Camus)

Can’t Hold Me Down


Can’t Hold Me Down:

Happiness fits me like a lover,
Holding me better than you ever could.
Here’s the way I see it,
A metaphor, you could say,
I am a balloon,
My future,
The sky,
And you are the only thing
Holding me down.
I don’t think of you and weep,
Since you’ve gone
I’ve grown older and stronger,
Free to be myself,
In a cage no longer.
The world is such a beautiful place,
I’ve just begun to take a taste.

Fishing for meaning


Fishing for meaning:

Because you can play on the page like fresh snow,
Moving your arms and legs back and forth,
Indulging in childish gestures.
I write with the patience of someone who does not have any-
Writing frantically,
Trying to make sense,
Walking around my thoughts,
Sidestepping the ones I do not want to acknowledge.
I am overcome by my ideas-
Dreaming about another place,
That is more in my control.
Unlike my nightmares,
Which wake me with a jolt at random hours in the night.
Perhaps the world will begin to make sense one day-
As I begin to listen,
To the voices around me,
But especially to my own.
It is the way I am discovering myself that scares me,
A dance with my emotions,
Which makes me less fearful of myself.
Knowing I will always be there,
I trust nothing,

Especially my thoughts.